Lion and Mouse – Short Story for Kids

Lion and Mouse - Short Story for KidsOnce, a lion was sleeping comfortably under the shade of a tree after eating and drinking. After a while, from somewhere a naughty mouse reached there and started playing around.

While playing mouse climbed on top of the lion, ran on lion’s back, climbed on lion’s head. He was having a lot of fun.

Lion’s sleep was disturbed by playing of mouse and opened his eyes. He saw that a small mouse was playing on him. He got very angry and caught mouse under his paw.

As soon as mouse was caught, it got scared and started trembling. Lion said, “You scoundrel, you have so much courage to disturb the sleep of  King of the jungle. Get ready to die. Now I will kill and eat you.”

Seeing death in front of him, mouse started pleading, “Please, forgive me. I made a big mistake. What will you get by eating a small creature like me? Your stomach will not be full. Please leave me I will definitely come to your aid when the opportunity arises.”

After listening to the mouse, the lion started laughing and said, “I am the king of the jungle. No one is stronger than me in this whole forest. You are so little, of what use will you be to me? But still I will let you go out of mercy. Get out of my sight and don’t disturb my sleep ever again.”

Mouse immediately left from there saying thank you to Lion.

Few days passed. One day the lion was roaming in the forest for hunting and got trapped in the net laid by the hunter. He tried a lot to go out but could not come out of the trap and started roaring for help.

Lion’s roar fell into the ears of a mouse passing by.

Immediately, when mouse went in the direction of the roar, it found the lion trapped in the net. He immediately cut the net with his sharp teeth and lion became free.

Lion thanked the mouse. Just then mouse said, “You must have forgotten me. I am the same mouse, to whom you let go. I told you that someday I will definitely come to your aid. See, today I have come to your rescue.”

Then lion remembered that day and regretted his thinking of that day.

1. One should not Judge Someone’s Ability by looking at their External Appearance.

2. Gratitude Never goes in Vain. In some form or the other its Fruit is definitely Received.

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