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Spider Story in English - Stuck in Life Learning Stories with Best Moral

Spider’s Web…!!

Once upon a time, there was a spider who used to live in basements of museum. Spider’s web was spin alongside paintings that were in…

Greedy Stories in English - Being Content is Key to Happiness Moral Story

Magic Crystal Ball..!!

Once in a village, an old man was walking back from his work. On his way back he saw something shiny behind a tree. When…

Short Stories With Moral Values - Never Look Down on Others Lesson

Two Neighbors..!!

Once in a city lived a religious scholar. Most time of his day would pass studying and praying. His daily routine was to wake up…

Cheating Moral Stories - Never Try to Cheat Others Moral Lesson for Kids

Jealousy and Cheating…!!

Once a poor boy Rohit got employed in a diamond shop. He used to live his mother and was very hard working and honest person….

Problems in Life Moral Story - Sage and Travelers Wonderful Story abt Life

Worst Problem..??

Once there was a famous sage who used to live up in Himalaya mountains far away at place where not many people would go. Still…

Life Lessons Spiritual Growth - Moral Story Distractions in Spiritual Path

Distractions in Spiritual Path..!!

Once a saint who was on his death bed called his disciple and said, “Remember one thing.. Never Allow a Cat in Your Life..” Just…

Sufi Saints Stories - Life Lessons abt Overcoming Disappointments Story

Sufi Saint Lecture..!!

Once a famous Sufi saint was invited to give a lecture at a auditorium. Time decided to start lecture in morning was 9am.. On decided…

Moral Stories for Expectations - Deep Meaning Encouraging Short Stories

Expectations from Others…!!

Once in a winter time, King was roaming outside his palace. At night when he was entering his palace, he saw an old man at…

Benefits of Chanting God Name - Stop Worrying Learn Spiritual Way Story

Do We Stop Worrying..?

Once a sage who was on pilgrimage came to a village. Just on outskirt of village, there was a temple. Sage decided to stay in…

How to Handle Provocation Story - Best Moral Stories for Adults Better Life

Elephant Reaction…!!

Once an elephant was coming back towards it’s herd from bath in a near by river. On his way, he saw a pig walking toward…