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Here are some enlightening short stories filled with valuable lessons to refresh your soul, transform your fear into hope and trust, fill your mind and heart with positivity and inspire you to create something beautiful out of your life.

Who is Good Who is Bad Stories for Adult

Who is Good? Who is Bad?

This story is from time of Mahabharata, When Guru Drona Acharya (Master) was teaching Pandavas and Kauravas. One day Acharya thought of testing his disciples. He called Duryodhana (Kaurava) and said, “Do one thing, go and search for a good man and bring him to me.” Duryodhana said, “Ok. I will leave right now and…

King and Tailor - Deep Meaning Moral Story for Adults

King and Tailor – Deep Meaning Moral Story for Adults

Once there was a King who used to take care of his people very well. He was famous all around for his work in his kingdom. King used to go to villages and listen to problem of people and tried to improve their living situations and help them to overcome those problems as much as…

Imaginary Rope - Merchant and Camel Story

Imaginary Rope – Merchant and Camel Story

Once upon a time, there was merchant who used to roam from city to city for work with his three camels. One night, when merchant was tired from all day work and wanted to rest, he thought that he might stay in a inn and tie his camels outside that inn. He looked around and…

Unhappy Old Man Story - Motivational Stories for Adults

Old Man/ Wise Man Story – Motivational Stories for Adults

Story 1: Unhappy Old Man..! Once in a village lived an old man who was considered himself most unfortunate person in the world. He would always stay gloomy and constantly complained and was always in bad mood. Whole Village was tired of his this behavior. Longer he lived, more he became bile and more poisonous…

Rumi Teaching Stories about Questions in Life

Rumi Stories about Questions of Life

Story 1: Rumi and Scholar at River Bank..! Once Rumi and a scholar was standing on bank of a river, where suddenly he spotted a fur coat floating downstream in middle of current. Seeing that fur coat, Rumi hollered over to scholar, “Hey man, there is a fur coat floating in middle of river. See….

Child Lesson to King! Be Humble

Child Lesson to King! Be Humble

Once a King called his courts wise men and angrily said to them, “You all are here and people say that you are greatest wise men in this kingdom but it seems that i have not been able to learn anything from you. ” He questioned, “What is matter? You all are here and yet…

Businessman and Dog Story - How Karma Works

Businessman and Dog Story – How Karma Works

Once a successful businessman was getting ready to go to his office. He got out of his house and reached his car. As soon as he opened door of his car, a stray dog who was sleeping under his car suddenly came out and bit on his leg. Businessman got very angry and quickly picked…

Different Answer for Same Question - Short Stories about Human Nature

Different Answer for Same Question..!

Once an old man was sitting at gate of a town. A man, horse rider, saw him and stop there. He asked to old man, “What are the people of this town like?” Old man asked, “Why do you ask this?” Rider replied, “People of town i came from are very indecent. I was upset…

Using All Your Strength - Father Son Story

Using All Your Strength – Father Son Motivational Story

Once a young boy and his father were walking along a forest path. At one point, they came across a large tree branch on the ground in front of them. Seeing that, boy asked his father, “If i try, do you think i could move that branch?” Father replied, “I am sure you can, if…

Wife Response to Drunk Husband - Funny Story

Husband Wife Short Stories..!

Story 1: Man’s Search for Perfect Wife..! Once lived a man who remained unmarried his whole life. When he was ninety years old and dying, someone asked him, “You have remained unmarried your whole life but you never said what reason was. Now you are dying, if your secret is known it won’t harm you.”…