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Here are some enlightening short stories filled with valuable lessons to refresh your soul, transform your fear into hope and trust, fill your mind and heart with positivity and inspire you to create something beautiful out of your life.

Why do We Offer Food to God - Saint Answer

Why do We Offer Food to God? Saint Answer

Once a person asked Jagat Guru Shankaracharya, “Why do we offer food to God? Does God eat from whatever we offer? Does any change occur to food after we offer it to God? Is there any change in color, taste or quantity of food we offer?” If not, why do we do this? Isn’t this…

Sufi Saint and King Offer to Man - Value Your Life

Sufi Saint and King Offer to Man – Value Your Life

Once a Sufi saint was sitting on the river bank, there he saw a young man by river side who was about to jump into river. Seeing this saint asked, “What are you doing?” Man replied, “Don’t stop me. It’s too much! Everything is meaningless in this life. I have never got anything i wanted….

Four Heaps of Sand - Little Boy and King Story

Four Heaps of Sand – Little Boy and King Story

There was a King, who had no son. He tried for long time but still he had no child. One day, King’s advisor went to a Tantrik (Occultist) to seek help. Tantrik gave suggestion that if a boy is sacrificed then a boy will be born to king and queen. An announcement was made in…

King and Young Man Story - What's Most Valuable?

King and Young Man Story – What’s Most Valuable?

Long ago, lived King Mahendra who used to organize a competition in his capital every year. In competition thousands of contestants participated and winner would be awarded grand prize. Once King needed a nobleman who could be intelligent and could contribute to the work for society. So, he decided to organize a competition to find…

Man Searching Touchstone - Habits in Life

Man Searching Touchstone – Habits in Life

There is story that when the great library of Alexandria was burned, there was only one book left which was not burned. A poor man who could read a little, saw that book and brought it back to his home with him. On thin strip of vellum of that book was written – Secret of…

Working Man Different Reply to Monk Question

Reply to Monk’s Question – Working Men Thinking!

While passing by a village, a monk saw that some men were working with stones. Monk went to a man working there and said, “What is being made here?” He replied angrily, “Do you not see that i am cutting stones?” Again monk said, “Yes, i can see but i am asking what i being…

Assume a Situation - Way Our Thinking Change

Thirsty Man under Tree – Way Our Thinking Change (Must Read)

Let’s assume a Situation You are full of sweat, very thirsty and your throat is dry but you are not getting water anywhere near by. In such situation, you stand under shade of a tree to eliminate fatigue. There is a building in front of that tree. Just then a window of an apartment on…

King and Two Beggars Story - Ask God

King and Two Beggars Story – Ask God

A King, whenever went to temple, would see two beggars sitting at temple entrance. One beggar used to sit on left and other on right side. Seeing King, beggar on right would say, “O God, you have given a lot to the King, give it to me too!” Where as Beggar on left would say,…

Priest Rescue Story - God's Ways to Help

Priest Rescue Story – God’s Ways to Help

Long ago, there was a small village by the river. Everyone lived happily and would regularly go to temple to pray. Once during monsoon season, it rained heavily and because of this river started overflowing, flood entered village. Knowing this everyone started to evacuate village, to go to a safe place. One man ran to…

Three Brothers and Scholar Help Story - Way to Progress

Three Brothers and Scholar Story – Way to Progress

Once a scholar was passing through a village where his childhood friend used to live. He decided to visit his friend’s house. When he arrived at his friend’s house, he saw that his friend was living in poverty, along with his two brothers. Scholar met his friend and after a talking for a while. He…