Leonardo Da Vinci Quotes about Art and Learning

Leonardo Da Vinci Quotes about Art and Learning#Art

Painting is Poetry that is seen rather than Felt and Poetry is Painting that is felt rather than Seen.

A Painter should begin every Canvas with a Wash of Black because all things in Nature are Dark except where Exposed by the Light.

The Painter has the Universe in his Mind and Hands.

Art is never Finished, only Abandoned.

Art is the Queen of all Sciences, Communicating knowledge to all the Generations of the World.

A Beautiful body Perishes but a Work of Art dies not.

Where the Spirit does not Work with the Hand, There is No Art.

The Worst evil which can Befall the Artist is that his Work should Appear Good in his own Eyes.

The Artist sees what Others only Catch a Glimpse of.

The Painter will produce Pictures of little Merit if He takes the Works of others as his Standard.

If the Painter wishes to see Beauties that Charm him, It lies in his Power to Create them and If he wishes to see Monstrosities that are Frightful, Ridiculous or Truly pitiable, He is Lord and God thereof.

A Poet knows he has Achieved perfection not when there is Nothing left to Add but when there is Nothing Left to take Away.



Learning acquired in Youth arrests the Evil of Old age and If you understand that Old age has Wisdom for its food, You will so Conduct yourself in Youth that your Old age will not Lack for Nourishment.

Just as Food eaten without Appetite is a Tedious Nourishment, so does Study without Zeal damage the Memory by not Assimilating what it Absorbs.

There are Four Powers: Memory and Intellect, Desire and Covetousness. The two First are Mental and the others Sensual.

One has No Right to Love or Hate anything if one has not Acquired a thorough Knowledge of its Nature.

He who loves Practice without Theory is like the Sailor who boards Ship without a Rudder and Compass and Never knows where he may Cast.

I have been impressed with the Urgency of Doing. Knowing is not Enough, We must Apply. Being Willing is not Enough, We must Do.

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