20 Lao Tzu Quotes

20 Lao Tzu Quotes - Chinese Philosophy Wisdom and Quotes InspirationalLife is a series of Natural and Spontaneous changes. Don’t Resist them – that only creates Sorrow. Let reality be Reality. Let things Flow naturally forward in whatever way they Like.

Being Deeply Loved by someone gives you Strength, while Loving someone deeply gives you Courage.

A Man with Outward Courage dares to Die, a Man with Inner Courage Dares to Live.

At the Center of your being you have the Answer, you know Who you are and you know what you Want.

Give a Man a Fish and you Feed him for a Day. Teach a man to Fish and you Feed him for a Lifetime.

When the Student is ready the Teacher will Appear. When the Student is truly Ready… The Teacher will Disappear.

He who Controls others may be Powerful but he who has Mastered himself is Mightier Still.

People in their Handling of Affairs often Fail when they are about to Succeed. If One remains as Careful at the end as he was at the Beginning, there will be No Failure.

Great indeed is the Sublimity of the Creative, to which all beings Owe their Beginning, and which Permeates all Heaven.

A Scholar who Cherishes the Love of Comfort is not fit to be Deemed a Scholar.

Love is of all Passions the Strongest, for it Attacks Simultaneously the Head, the Heart and the Senses.

When a Nation is filled with Strife, then do Patriots Flourish.

The more Laws and Order are made Prominent, the more Thieves and Robbers there will be.

Simulated disorder postulates Perfect discipline,
Simulated fear postulates Courage,
Simulated weakness postulates Strength.

Because of Deep love, one is Courageous.
Because of Frugality, one is Generous.
Because of Not daring to be ahead of the world,
One becomes the Leader of the world.

If the Great Way perishes there will Morality and Duty.
When Cleverness and Knowledge Arise, Great lies will Flourish.
When Relatives fall out with one Another there will be Filial duty and love.
When States are in confusion there will be Faithful servants.

In Dwelling, Live close to the Ground.
In Thinking, Keep to the Simple.
In Conflict, be Fair and Generous.
In Governing, Don’t try to Control.
In Work, Do what you Enjoy.
In Family life, be completely Present.

Health is the Greatest Possession.
Contentment is the Greatest Treasure.
Confidence is the Greatest Friend.
Non-being is the Greatest Joy.

Kindness in Words creates Confidence.
Kindness in Thinking creates Profoundness.
Kindness in Giving creates Love.

Of all that is Good, Sublimity is Supreme.
Succeeding is the coming Together of all that is Beautiful.
Furtherance is the Agreement of all that is Just.
Perseverance is the Foundation of all Actions.

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