Lady Kept Sadhu Waiting for Alms.. Why? Deep Meaning

Lady Kept Sadhu Waiting for Alms.. Why Deep MeaningOnce a Sadhu was standing outside a Seth (rich man) house, singing bhajan (hymns in praise of God) and asking for food.

Sethani (Seth wife) went inside kitchen and bought food for him yet she had been telling Sadhu for a long time that she was coming. Sadhu was singing bhajan while waiting.

Seth was watching all this, he couldn’t understand why his wife would keep Sadhu waiting.

He went to Sethani and said, “You are standing here with food in your hand and he is waiting outside, asking for food. Then why are you not giving him food?”

Sethani replied, “Yes, i will give him food but i like his bhajan very much. if i go out and give him food then he will leave. I want to listen to his bhajan for some more time.”

Similarly, if you feel like God is not listening to your prayers then understand that, God is loving your prayers and keeping you await. Therefore, keep praying.

If you feel pain, then do you stop eating? When you get sick, do you stop breathing? No.. Right? Then why to stop believing in God or stop doing devotional service to God when you face troubles in life.

No matter what kind of sorrow or trouble comes in life, do not give up devotion.

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