Knowledge or Conduct – Which is Greater?

Knowledge or Conduct - Which is Greater?Once upon a time, there was a King who used to respect royal Priest of his kingdom very much. Whenever he came, King would himself get up from his throne and honor him.

One day King asked him, “I have a question. Tell me whether a person’s Conduct is great or his Knowledge is great.”

Priest said, “Give me a few days time, then i will answer your question.”

Next day, royal Priest went to King’s treasury and picked up some gold coins from there and kept them in his bag. Treasurer saw this but remained silent considering position of royal priest.

Royal priest kept doing this continuously for some days. He would go there and pick some gold coins and keep them in his bag and then go out after taking those coins. Treasurer watched this.

Because this kept happening for days, treasurer went to King and told whole story.

Royal priest reached King’s palace one day, today neither King himself went to receive him nor got up from his throne in respect.

Royal priest understood that matter of taking gold coins had reached to King.

King raised his voice and asked to Priest, “Have you taken gold coins from treasury?”

Priest said, “Yes. This is true.”

King got angry and asked, “Why did you do this?”

Priest smiled and said, “I deliberately took the gold coins. I wanted to show you whether a person’s conduct is greater or knowledge.

When you came to know that i have taken gold coins without your permission, you didn’t got up from throne in respect, which you usually do. On contrary you raise you voice and got angry at me.

My knowledge was with me even before lifting the gold coins and it is with me even after stealing gold coins. But as soon as you came to know about my theft, you lost respect for me.

You used to respect me because of my conduct but as soon as my conduct changed, you thoughts about me also changed and you couldn’t respect me.”

King understood and praised priest for his answer.

We should always keep our Conduct good because if our Conduct is not good then even our education, position and wealth can not get us Respect.

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