King’s Question and Wise Man Interesting Answer

King's Question and Wise Man Interesting AnswerOne day King came to know about a wise man who was visiting his kingdom. King got curious and called for wise man to visit his court.

When wise man came to King’s court, King said to him, “I have heard about your wisdom. I want to ask you something but if you are not able to answer my question then you will be punished.”

Wise man smiled and agreed.

King asked, “What is the best part of human body? Can you bring it?”

Wise man went out for while and came back with a tongue of dead man with him and showed it to King saying, “Here, it is the best part of a human body.”

Now, King asked, “What is the worst part of human body?

Again wise man went out and came back with tongue of a dead man and showing to king he said, “Here it is the worst part of human body.”

King saw this and asked, “Why did you bring the same thing both times? How can it be both best and worst part of a human body?”

Wise man replied, “Your Majesty, We all speak with the help of this tongue and with it we speak both good and bad things Because of which all the trouble or good thing happens.

Listening this King got happy and rewarded that wise man.

One Should Always Speak Responsibly.

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