King and Two Beggars Story

King and Two Beggars Story - God Provides for EveryoneOnce there was a very generous King who ruled a state in India.

Everyday, two beggars used to come to him for alms. He would always give them food and money.

On receiving alms, one of them, older one used to say, “God provides.”

Other beggar who was younger would say, “Our King provides.”

One day when King gave them money more than usual, where upon older one said, “God provides.”

This annoyed King. He thought to himself, “It is I who is feeding him and giving him everything and yet he keeps saying – God provides.

It’s time that he learn that who his real benefactor is.”

Next day, after giving alms, King asked them to go by another road instead of their usual one and said, “I have provided for one of you and God will provide for other.”

King had ordered that a purse made of gold to be kept on road in beggar’s path so that he could find it.

So, King made sure that beggar who always praised him, went first

As young beggar walked down road, he wondered why King has sent him this way. He saw road was beautiful and broad and there was no one around and thought that, “One can walk this road even with closed eyes.”

Thinking that he closed his eyes and crossed road.

Next was older beggar who was behind him, as he was walking by, he saw gold purse and picked it up.

Next day King asked them if they found anything on road.

Young beggar replied, “It was a beautiful road but i didn’t find anything.”

Just then old beggar said, “But i did. I found purse made of gold. God provides.”

Now, King became even more determined to show old beggar that he was their true benefactor.

King had ordered to fill that pumpkin to be hollowed and then filled with silver coins.

Next day, when beggars were going away, he called young beggar and gave him a pumpkin. Young beggar didn’t know that pumpkin was filled with silver coins.

On his way, young beggar sold that to a merchant for few coin.

Next day when King excitedly asked young beggar about if anything eventful had happened on previous day.

Young beggar replied, “Nothing. Except that i earned a few coins by selling pumpkin that you have given me.”

Just then old beggar said, “Yesterday, as i was passing by merchant’s shop he called me and gave me pumpkin. When i went home and cut it out, i found that it was full of silver coins. God provides.”

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