Courtier’s Search – Secret of Work Story

Courtier Search for Secret of Work - Working with Heart Moral StoryOnce upon a time, lived a King who was very kind and wise. One day, he got curious to know about his subjects work and their well being.

So, one day, he called his courtiers and said, “Go, find how are people of my Kingdom living and bring me person who knows about ‘Secret of work’ but there is one condition, anyone you meet, shouldn’t know that you were sent by King.”

Courtiers were confused about order but didn’t ask for details and left. Next day, all courtiers gathered and discussed about what to do.

At last, they finalized a plan and decided to follow it.

Very next day, courtiers dressed like tribal and arranged a bullock cart with them and started to walk around Kingdom.

First, they saw a woodcutter, who was cutting down trees. They went to him and said, “Do you like this job?”

Woodcutter replied, “No, I don’t like it. I have to do it because this work comes from our ancestors and because of that i was forced by my parents to do this job.”

Courtiers said bye to woodcutter and continued on their search.

After walking for half an hour, courtiers saw a washer man, they went to him and said, “Sir! We have come from far away. e are new to this place. We are here to meet one of our friend who lives near by, could you please tell us his address?”

Washer man replied angrily, “Are you mad? Can’t you see i am busy.”

Courtier asked, “Sir, do you like this job?”

Washer man again replied angrily, “No, when i was small i didn’t show interest in studies and never listened to my parents. Now, i have to do this job of washer man, as i should look after my family and earn a living.”

Courtiers apologized for disturbing and went away.

Courtiers continued on their journey and talked to many people but didn’t find any satisfactory reply. So decided to go back and tell King that no one knows ‘Secret to Work’.

On their way back, they saw a small hut with candles and lamp burning. When courtiers looked inside, they saw that a man was studying book.

Courtiers went inside and said, “What are you doing?”

Man replied, “I am studying. This is school where poor children come to learn and study.”

Courtiers asked him same question, “Do you like this job?”

Man replied, “Yes, I love this job. It gives me satisfaction and happiness teaching so many poor and uneducated children.”

Hearing this courtier were happy because courtier’s knew that he was the one King asked for. They requested man to come with them.

Next day, courtiers told everything that happened all day and then asked man to come inside.

Courtier introduced man to King and told about him. King appreciated him for knowing ‘Secret of Work’ and awarded him and soon a big school was built.

It doesn’t Matter what Work you Do, You have to have Some Interest in that, If you want to achieve Greater Heights with your Work.

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