King Order and Minister Advice – It’s Way We Think

King Order and Minister Advice - It's Way We ThinkOnce in a kingdom, a person became famous for his face being very wretched (ill omen/ unlucky for people around them). People complained about him to their King.

King didn’t believed it, so he decided to check it for himself. One day, King called that person in his palace and gave him a place to stay.

Next morning, first thing to do for that day, King decided to meet that person and went to him, himself came to see his face.

Co-incidentally due to busy schedule, King didn’t got anytime to eat for whole day. So, King came to conclusion that, that man face was really wretched.

So, King ordered death sentence for that man.

One of King’s minister heard about this order and went to King and asked, “Why are you giving death sentence to this innocent person?”

King replied, “O minister, this man really has wretched face. When i saw his face in morning, i didn’t even get to eat any food for whole day.”

At this minister said, “Maharaj! You saw that man’s face and didn’t get food for whole day but think about that man.. First thing he saw in morning was your face and got death sentence. Now, you decide for yourself who is more wretched.”

Listening to this, King was taken aback as he had never thought of it in this way.

Seeing this, minister said, “Maharaj! No person’s face is wretched. It is the way we see or think. Please free this person.”

King understood minister point and freed that person.

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