King Offer to his People – Story for Spiritual Motivation

King Offer to People - Story for Spiritual MotivationOnce a King made an announcement in his kingdom that – Tomorrow morning, main door of my palace will be opened for everyone in kingdom. Tomorrow whatever person touches, that thing will become his.

Hearing this announcement, everyone started talking among themselves that – I will touch the most precious thing. Some said – I will touch gold, other talked about touching precious jewelry.

Next day, at decided time, main door of the palace was opened. As soon as gate opened, everyone started running for things they wanted. Everyone was in hurry to touch their favorite thing first so that they can become theirs forever.

King was sitting at his place, looking at everyone. Smiling at all the hustle, bustle going on around him.

At same time, a person from crowd started walking toward King and slowly he reached near King and touched him. As soon as he touched King, King became his and everything belonging to King also became his.

They way King gave those people a chance to chose and they chose diamonds, gold and other precious things instead of King.

Similarly, Creator of World gives us all opportunity everyday to chose but unfortunately we also make same mistake as those people from kingdom did.

Instead of finding God, we desire things of world created by Supreme.

We never think about finding God who created the whole world. Only if God become ours then everything created by him will also become ours.

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