King Anger and Parrot Story! Why to Control Your Anger

King Anger and Parrot Story! Why to Control Your AngerOnce a king got lost in a dense forest and starting feeling thirsty. He had no water with him. Despite searching around, he couldn’t find water anywhere.

His throat was getting dry, just then his eyes fell in a tree. From branch of that tree small drops of water were falling.

King went near tree and collected some leaves to make a bowl using those leaves and stated filling it with drops of water.

It took a long time to fill that bowl but when it was filled King got happy and raised bowl to drink water. When he was about to drink water, a parrot sitting in front of him came flying and pounced on that bowl.

All the water from that bowl fell down. King got angry because of loss of water.

King calm down and again started filling that bowl of leaves with water. After much time, it was filled. Again as soon as King was about to drink water, parrot came and knocked that bowl from King’s hand.

Now, King got really angry. He took out his sword and again started filling that bowl with water drops.

This time when King was about to drink water, parrot flew toward King. As soon as parrot came close enough and knocked on bowl, King killed that parrot.

After King got rid of parrot.

He thought about filling water from tree branch but it would take too much time. Thinking this, he started looking for the source of water. King went to branch from where water was dripping.

King saw that, a fierce python was sleeping on branch and it’s saliva was dripping, along with water. Because of which water got poisonous.

Seeing this, King realized his mistake. He regretted killing parrot. Due to anger, he killed the bird which was repeatedly saving him from drinking poison.

In anger, a person cause great harm to himself as well as other. Anger is a poison that originated from ignorance and ends with repentance. Therefore, one should always control anger.

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