King and Young Man Story – What’s Most Valuable?

King and Young Man Story - What's Most Valuable?Long ago, lived King Mahendra who used to organize a competition in his capital every year. In competition thousands of contestants participated and winner would be awarded grand prize.

Once King needed a nobleman who could be intelligent and could contribute to the work for society. So, he decided to organize a competition to find one.

Announcement was made and thousands of contestant came to participate.

King had a large garden built for this competition, which he had filled with many valuable items. In garden all kinds of materials were present but no value was fixed in front of any object.

Before starting competition, Announcement was made – Person who will present in front of King with the most precious item from this garden will be declared as winner.

Competition started.

All competitors were engaged in presenting item they found to be most valuable to the King according to their ability. After sometime, a young man appeared empty handed in front of King.

King asked young man, “How come you came empty handed? Did you not find anything valuable in that garden?”

Young man replied, “I have not come empty handed.. I bought most valuable thing with me from that garden.”

King asked, “What have you bought?”

Young man replied, “I have come with satisfaction.”

King asked again, “Is “Satisfaction” more valuable then these items bought here by other contestants?”

Young man replied in calm voice “Yes, My Lord. There are many priceless things in this garden but they can provide a moment of pleasure to all human beings.

After acquiring these things, a person generates desire to get something more and after receiving all these, person will be happy but only for a moment.

But person who had the wealth of contentment, will be able to feel real happiness in his real life and control all his material desires.

King was happy to hear his answer and that young man was chosen among millions to be royal minister.

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