King and Brahmin Story – Get Closer to God

King and Brahmin Story - Get Closer to GodA poor Brahmin saved some money for his daughter’s marriage. He went to a Seth and kept it with him, in trust, without any written document about it.

After some years, when his daughter became eligible for marriage, Brahmin went back to Seth (money lender) to collect his money back.

But Seth refused to recognize him. Because of this, Brahmin reached the royal court and narrated his plight to King.

Hearing this, King said, “Tomorrow i will be coming to your village. When my ride is about to enter near Seth’s area, you wait for me at corner of that road just before his shop. Let’s meet there.”

Next day, as per plan, as soon as King’s ride reached the corner, King saw Brahmin waiting at corner. King made Brahmin sit on his chariot with him.

Seeing Brahmin sitting with King on the King’s chariot. Seth realized closeness of Brahmin to the King and got scared thinking – What would Brahmin say to King about him..!!”

After King’s chariot crossed that road, King stopped the chariot and said to Brahmin, “Now, you can go to your home.”

Same evening, Seth took the money with interest and went to Brahmin’s house and gave it to him and also apologized for the mistake.

Just then Brahmin started thinking – When one can get so much benefit by being close to King, even just for a few moments.. Then who knows, what will the proximity to Supreme father, King of Kings, might bring to one.

From that day, Brahmin dedicated himself to the worship of God.

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