King and Beggar Story about Giving

King and Beggar Story about GivingA beggar woke up early to go out to beg. Before going out, he put a hand full of barley in his bag because of superstition that beggar should not keep their bags empty while going out to beg.

Beggar got out of his hut thinking that, with God grace, today his bag will be filled before evening.

Just then, he saw King’s ride coming toward his way. Seeing it, beggar became happy and thought that today all his poverty would go away and his life will become better after receiving alms from the King.

As King’s ride approached, beggar’s imagination and excitement grew.

As soon as King’s chariot came near beggar, King’s chariot stopped. King got down and approached beggar.

Beggar was shocked to see that instead of giving him something, King spread his valuable cloth in front of him and started begging him for alms. Beggar could not understand what to do. Before beggar could think of anything, King pleaded again.

Beggar put his hand in his bag but because of habit of always taking from others, his mind was not agreeing to give.

Somehow he took out two grains of barley and put them in the King’s cloth. Although for rest of day, beggar got more alms than usual still he regretted giving two grains of barley from his bag to King, for whole day.

When he returned home and checked his bag in the evening and there was no limit to his surprise.

There were two grains of barley made of gold. He understood that this happened only because of the glory of charity. In that instant he regretted and thought if only, at that time he would have given more barley to the king… but could not because he was not in the habit of giving.

1. Nothing ever Decreases by Giving.
2. Giving is Greater than Taking.
3. Shadow in Darkness, Body in Old age and Wealth does not support Anyone in the End.

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