Kid’s Reply to Middle Aged Man

Kids Reply to Middle Aged Man Moral Value Short StoriesIt’s a story of Middle aged Man name Raj. He was born in poor family where his father used to own a welding shop and worked 12 hours a day to live a decent life But still couldn’t earn enough to provide a luxurious life to his family.

Raj was an average student in his school time but dreamed to become doctor. He wasn’t able to study the desired course because of his average result. So, He pursued bachelors degree and at the end of course successfully got a job in company.

Soon after he got a permanent job his parents wanted him to get married. So, he married a naive girl from his town and had a promotion at his job. With God’s blessing he had twin beautiful boys.

While his father was still living the same life, Raj got settled with his family. After sometime he got a handsome salary and started to live a luxurious life. Some of the luxurious were unnecessary.

After almost 6-7 years because of his unnecessary spending he was not even able to manage all his household expenses and couldn’t even afford to pay for his children fee and other necessity of life.

During same time, his father fell sick and couldn’t continue his work in welding shop. So, his father requested him to give him some money for his treatment and some household expenses. As, Raj was already suffering from financial crisis, he shouted at his parents and refused to help them.

Raj Complained that, “Your never send me to big school. I never got to wore expensive clothes. Even i used to get my favorite food to eat very rarely. When i got low marks in school, you were not able to provide me with enough money to join classes to improve my result. It took me years to settle and now i am again struggling for money. You didn’t help me and now you are burden to me!! Never come to me again.”

His parent left shattered.

After a week, Raj was on an official tour and there he met a small boy about 10 years old. He requested Raj to buy something from him. Raj asked, “Why aren’t you studying and what about your parents?”

Boy replied, “My father met with an accident a year ago and he lost one hand. He cannot work now. My mom is working as a maid at a few houses. I’m helping my parents by selling toys. I go to school and sell toys only in the evenings. I work for 3 hours a day and I will study at night!”

Raj purchased a few toys and learned a lesson of his life. He realized that a small boy was helping his parents but Raj was just unable to afford a lavish lifestyle neglected his parents.

It’s your duty to Take care of your Parents when you get Older and Matured.

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