Kids Playing in Pond – Story about Karma

Kids Playing in Pond - Story about KarmaOnce Shiv ji and Parvati ji (Hindu God and Goddess) went on a walk. On way, they saw that many children were swimming and playing in a pond but one child was sitting near by in sad posture.

Seeing that child, Parvati ji asked Shiv ji, “Why is this child sad?”

Shiv ji said, “Look, that child doesn’t have both hands and because of this he is not able to swim with other kids.”

Pravati ji felt sad for that child and asked Shiv ji to give hands to child with his power, so that child can play and swim in pond with other kids and be happy.

Shiv ji said, “We should not interfere with anyone’s destiny because every soul has to pay for his deeds.”

But because of motherly love, Pravati ji pleaded again and again. At last, Shiv ji gave him hands. After getting hands that child also went into pond and started playing.

After a week, Shiv ji and Parvati ji went on walk and passed by that pond. This time case was reverse, only that child was swimming and all other children were outside.

Seeing this, Parvati ji asked Shiv ji, “What is this?”

Shiv ji said, “Child to whom u asked to give hand, was drowning other children in water and all kids got scared because of this and are running away.

He had done the same thing in previous births with his hands and that’s why he didn’t have hands. After getting hands, he again started harming others. Nature runs according to rules and no one interferes with that.

Everyone should understand that Every person bears fruits according to his deeds. God doesn’t get involved in anyone’s destiny.

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  1. the story of karma where Parvati ji and Shiv ji was just fantastic. It made tears come to my

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