Kid Innocent Prayer – Heart Warming Story

Kid Innocent Prayer - Heart Warming StoryEveryday a kid use to see his grandfather performing evening puja. Seeing his grandfather worship, kid also wanted to perform whole ritual by himself but because his grandfather used to do puja, he was not able to do that.

One day his grandfather got late for puja. Seeing opportunity child himself started doing rituals to worship God himself.

Soon grandfather came and seeing this, he hid behind wall and started watching kid worship.

Kid used a lot of incense sticks and all other ingredients as used by his grandfather and after doing everything as his grandfather did, he started saying his prayer.

Kid started praying:

Thank you God, you keep my grandfather healthy and heal my grandmother’s knee pain because if something happen to them then who will give me chocolate.

God take care of my father and mother, otherwise who will take care of me. Please keep all my friends healthy and nice, otherwise who will play with me.

Also take care of dog of the house because if something happens to him, who will save our house from thieves.

But before all this God, please take care of yourself because if something happens to you then who will take care of all of us..

Hearing this simple prayer of child, tears welled up in grandfather’s eyes because he never heard such selfless and simple prayer.

**Puja – A ritual in honor of the gods, performed either at home or in the temple.

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