Kid and Shopkeeper Story..

Kid and Shopkeeper Story - Kids Reply to Mother Best Moral Stories ShareOnce a little boy and his mother went to shop in market. After shopping for while they stopped by a shop where mother went inside to shop something and boy stood near desk of that shop shopkeeper.

Shop keeper had a tumbler of sweets kept on his desk.

On seeing little boy he picked that tumbler of sweets and offered boy to take sweets from that tumbler for himself saying, “Dear kid, Have some sweets..”

But child just stood there silently and didn’t take any sweets.

Shop keeper was surprised to see that little boy didn’t take any sweets. He again offered boy to take sweets from the tumbler but boy again didn’t take any sweets from that tumbler.

When mother came back to desk she saw this and said to boy, “Dear.. You can take sweets.” Even then boy didn’t took any sweets from the bottle.

Seeing boy not taking any sweets, shopkeeper himself took sweets from that tumbler and gave it to the child.

This time child didn’t refused and accepted sweets given by shopkeeper. Mother saw that kid was happy to take two hands full of sweets.

Mother was surprised to see that her son didn’t too any sweets from tumbler himself but then accepted sweets when shopkeeper himself took out sweets from tumbler and gave it to boy.

So, while they were on their way back to home.. mother questioned her son, “Why didn’t you take sweets when shopkeeper asked you to?”

Boy innocently replied, “Mum, My hands are so small and even if take sweets i can take only few but when uncle gave with his big hands.. see how many more sweets i got..!!”

When we ask from God we may ask for little but when God give, he gives us way more than Expectations and Much more than we can Think of for Ourselves.

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  1. That’s a lovely short story and a beautiful collection of stories indeed.
    It inspires me to write such short stories as a writer. Is there any way, I can contribute here? I’d be very happy. Looking forward to hear from you.


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