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Keanu Reeves Quotes - Inspiring Words by Famous Celebrity HollywoodKeanu Reeves is a Canadian actor, Director, Producer and Musician. He gained Fame for his starring role Performances in Several blockbuster films like ‘The Matrix’ and ‘John Wick’.



Fame is drag. The Paparazzi culture is more Pervasive than it used to be. On the positive side, it’s nice not to have to worry about Bills.

Luxury is the Opportunity to Experience Quality, be it a Place, a Person or an Object.

Money buys you the Freedom to Live your Life the way you Want.


#Difficult Times

Sometimes Enemies are our Best teachers, People can Learn from their Mistakes, Destruction sometimes means Rebirth.

Nothing ever truly Dies. The Universe wastes Nothing, Everything is simply Transformed.

Every Struggle in your Life has Shaped you into the Person you are Today. Be thankful for the Hard times, They can only make you Stronger.

If you have been Brutally Broken but still have the Courage to be Gentle to other Living beings then you are a Badass with the Heart of an Angel.


#Live Today

Tomorrow isn’t Guaranteed, so Live Today.

None of us are Getting out of here Alive, so Please stop Treating yourself like an Afterthought. Eat the Delicious food. Walk in the Sunshine. Jump in the Ocean.



Living without Love, without Experiencing it or Being able to Give it, is pretty strong Punishment.

Falling in Love and having a Relationship are two Different things.

A Good date is when you are Intoxicated with Each other’s Company and Everything becomes Good in the World.


#Wise Words

Energy can’t be Created or Destroyed. Energy flows. It must be in a Direction, with some kind of Internal, Emotive, Spiritual direction. It must have some Effect Somewhere.

The Simple Act of paying Attention can take you a Long way.

It is Incredibly Empowering to know that your Future is in your Hands.

Try to be Wrong once in a While, It will do your Ego Good.

Sometimes simple things are the Most Difficult things to Achieve.

Multi-culture is the Real Culture of the World – the Pure Race doesn’t Exist.

Art is about Trying to find the Good in People and Making the World a more Compassionate Place.

You have to Change your Life if you are not Happy and Wake up if things aren’t going the Way you Want.

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