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Jewish Stories of Wisdom - Uplifting Motivational Story fr Happiness in LifeOnce a Rabi was out in street looking for something. One of his neighbor happen to pass by, when he saw Rabi looking for something. He stopped and asked him what happened.

Rabi replied, “I lost my key..”

Neighbor started to look for keys with him. Soon two more neighbors joined them but no one was able to find key.

At last one of neighbor asked, “Where did you drop it??”

Rabi replied, “Oh, i didn’t lost my keys here.” Then he pointed towards his house and said, “I lost it over there in my house.”

Everyone was surprised and bemused. They respectfully asked, “If you lost it there then why are you looking for it here in street??”

Rabi replied, “That’s because my house is dimly lighted but out here is so much brighter under street light..!!”

Neighbor couldn’t help but laugh at his reply.

Just then Rabi smiled and said, “Friends, It is clear that you all are intelligent.

Then why do you lose peace of your mind, perhaps because of a failed relationship or job? You look for what was lost out there and not in here?”

Rabi pointed towards neighbors chest and said, “Why you get sad? You lose your joy out there or in here??

You avoid looking inside you because light is dimmer and therefore more inconvenient?”

Neighbors understood what Rabi wanted to teach them.

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