It’s Story of Little boy who Wanted to meet God

It's Story of Little boy - Beautiful Short Story About LifeIt’s Story of Little boy who Wanted to meet God. So, He packed his suitcase with Twinkies and Juice for his long trip to meet God and started his journey.

About three blocks away he saw a long-haired, beard biker sitting by his motorcycle in park relaxing amongst nature. Boy sat down next to that biker and opened his suitcase. When boy was about to take out twinkie from his case to eat, he noticed that little boy looked hungry and he offer biker a twinkie.

Biker gratefully accepted it and smiled warmly at boy. Boy found his smile so pretty that he wanted to see that smile again, so he offered juice to biker wishing to see that smile again. Again accepting juice that biker smiled nicely at boy. Child was delighted.

Both of them sat all afternoon there munching twinkies and drinking juice, Smiling happily but never exchanged a word. As darkness came, boy realized that it was time to leave and got up walked few step. Suddenly he turned back to beard man(biker) and gave him a hug. Biker gave Biggest and Warmest smile ever as boy ran off back to his home.

When boy opened door of his house and entered house his mother was surprised by the look of joy on his face. Mother asked him, “What did you do today which made you so happy?” He replied, “I had lunch with God. You know what he has the coolest motorcycle I have ever see.” His mother just stood there surprised by reply of boy.

Meanwhile, biker returned to his home radiant with joy. His pet was so awestruck by the look of peace on his face that he asked, “What you did today that made you so happy?” He replied, “I ate twinkies with God in park. You know God’s much younger than i expected.”

We often underestimate the Power of Touch, Smile, Kind Words, Smallest act of Caring, All of which have the Potential to Turn a Life around.

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