Is there a Person who is Great but Not Famous?

Is there a Person who is Great but Not Famous - King and ScholarOne day, King came to meet a scholar and asked, “Is there such a person in this world who is great but people of world don’t know about him?”

Scholar smiled and politely replied to King, “We do know most of great people of the world. There are many people in the world who are many times greater than the great ones.”

King said, “How is it possible?”

Scholar replied, “I will introduce you to many such persons.”

Having said this, scholar took the King towards a village. After some distance on way, they met an old man sitting under the tree.

That old man had a pot of water and some bread with him.

Scholar asked that old man for water and bread for himself and King. Both King and scholar ate it.

After that, King took out some money to pay old man. Seeing this, old man stopped him and said, “I am not a seller. I am doing what i am capable of doing at this age. My son does business of baking bread and i had to stay home alone.

So, instead of staying at home, i come here to provide free water and bread for travelers passing by. This makes me very happy.”

Scholar pointed to King and said, “Such good thinking of this old man, makes him great.”

Then after saying this, both King and scholar entered village. There they saw a school.

They both went inside and met a teacher. King asked teacher, “How much salary do you get if you teach so many students?”

Teacher replied, “Sir, i am not teaching for salary. There were no teachers here and future of students was at stake. That’s why i come here daily to give them free education.”

King asked, “Then how do you cover your living expenses?”

Teacher replied, “From childhood till today, by grace of God i was provided with bread, clothes and house. I can manage with that.”

After this, scholar told King, “Person who lives for others is great and there are many people whose such great thinking makes them greater than the great and determines their fate. A man is considered great not by big things but by good thoughts and good deeds.

The best action is the work done with the spirit of selflessness. To achieve success in life, always remember that giving is taking.

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