Is God Evil or Good??

Is God Evil or Good Short Story in English - Student vs Professor Once a university professor went to a class to give lecture. Professor asked students a question.

He asked, “Everything that exist is created by God??”
One student stood up and answered, “Yes, it is.”

Now professor asked, “If God created everything that means, God created Evil too.. And according to principal – The things we do, Determine who we are – Means God is Evil..!!”

Student got quiet after hearing this and professor was very happy to show that he once again proved that God is a Myth.

After this another student stood up and said, “Professor, can i ask you a question?”
“Of course” , Professor replied.

Student asked, “Professor, Does cold exist?”
“Of course it exist, Don’t you ever feel cold?” professor replied.

(Everyone in the class laughed at the question of the student.)

After professor replied student said, “Actually Sir, Cold doesn’t exist. According to physics law, When we think about cold it’s just absence of heat. An absolute zero is complete absence of heat. We created word cold to describe what we feel in absence of heat.”

Student continued and asked another question to professor, “Sir, does darkness exist?”
“Of course it exist.” replied professor.

Again student replied, “You are wrong sir, darkness doesn’t exist. It is just absence of light. We can study light but not darkness. According to Newton’s law we can study white light, expand it into many colors but you can’t measure darkness. how can we measure how much dark some space is? We measure the quantity of light. Darkness is just what people use to describe as absence of light.”

Finally Student asked professor, “Sir, does evil exist?”

Professor replied, “Yes of course it exist. We can see it’s presence in our day to day life. Cruelty, crime, violence all around the world are example of evil.”

To this student answered, “No sir, Evil doesn’t exist itself. It is just an absence of God. God doesn’t create evil. Evil is result of absence of godly love in human heart. It’s like cold which comes in absence of heat or darkness which comes in existence in absence of light.”

These words left the professor speechless.

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  1. Very beautiful answer. Never feel bored when reading these moral stories. On the contrary i feel more energetic and happen to discover many things that happened in our daily life.


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