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King and Fisherman Story - Teaching Lesson to Corrupt Gatekeeper

Fisherman Story – Greedy Gatekeeper..!

Once a King wanted to organize a grand feast. He had got all kind of dishes prepared but there was one specific fish which he couldn’t get. So he made an announcement in kingdom that whoever brings that fish to palace then he would be rewarded handsomely. Many fisherman tried but couldn’t find that fish….

Team Building Activites - Importance of Teamwork Stories for Employees

Balloon Activity for Team Building..!!

Once in a company, around team of 40 employees from different departments were working together on a project. Team consisted of bright and enthusiastic young members but problem was that they wouldn’t share information with each other and it was a problem. So one day project head, invited them for a event at company. In…

Do Good Inspiring Story - Doing Good fr People n Community Short Story

Inspiring Story – Small Things..!!

Once a woman saw that bus stop near her house had no bench. So she bought a small bench and installed it at bus stop near her house. Everyone used to ask her reason and she would reply, “It’s my neighborhood. Who better to tend it than me?” When bench was installed – mothers, kids,…

Be Honest Moral Story - Never Give in to Temptations Inspirational Stories

Be Honest – Old Man’s Advice..!!

Once an pious old man had to travel with lot of luggage by train. So, he went to ticket counter and asked for train as well as luggage ticket for his travel to another city. Seeing old man, clerk recognized him. Clerk was an old acquaintance of that old man. Clerk greeted him. While giving…

Old People Wisdom Stories - Never Ignore Advice of Elder Moral Stories

Wisdom Stories – Old Swan Advice..!!

Once near a pond was a very big tree. There lived a big group of swans. In that group lived an old swan who was very wise, intelligent and far-sighted. Everyone around respected him. One day, old swan saw a small vine wrapped at the bottom of tree trunk. He called other swans and said,…

Best Moral Stories for Kids - Beautiful Heart Touching Motivational Stories

Best Moral Story – Compassion (Must Read)

Story 1: Adhere to Your Own Rules.. Once a man was walking by a park and he heard a voice from nearby bushes. When he looked there, he saw that a cat was stuck there that needed help. Man tried to reach down to cat to get it out but cat got scared and started…

Clever Painter Story - Kings Portrait Creative Thinking Inspirational Stories

Clever Painter – King’s Portrait..!!

Once lived a brave king who had fought many battles and won but unfortunately in his last battle he was badly wounded. King was saved but in that battle he lost his one eye and a leg. One day while King was seeing some of painting of previous King’s of that kingdom. He realized that…

Action Speaks Louder Than Words Story - Sweet Eating Habit Story With Lesson

Action Speak Louder than Words..!!

Once there was a little boy became obsessed with eating sweets. His mother got worried because of his excessive sweet eating habit and tried many ways to stop him from eating. However nothing seemed to work. Near near village lived a wise man who was respected by everyone. So she decided to take him to…

Lal Bahadur Shashtri Story - Inspirational Stories abt Honesty of Indian Personalities

Inspirational Stories – Cost of Saree..!!

Once Shri Lal Bahadur Shashtri ji went to a textile mill and he was accompanied by owner of mill. After going around mill, Shashtri ji went to see warehouse of that mill. There he saw some sarees on display. Seeing those, Shashtri ji requested owner of mill to show him some sarees. Owner was happy…