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Here are some heartening short stories to give you the burst of hope and courage to persevere and fill your heart with optimism.

Old Man and Horse Rider Conversation - Compassion Moral Stories

Old Man and Horse Rider Conversation

Long ago on a bitter cold evening, There was a group of riders sitting by river side. Beside them was an old man, who was waiting for a ride to get across river. Old man’s wait seemed endless and his body became numb and still from cold winds. Soon, one by one riders started to…

Planting Seed - Young Executives Test Story abt Honesty

Planting Seed – Young Executives Test Story

Once a successful Business man was growing old, he knew that it was time for him to choose a successor to take over his business. In morning, he called all young executives in his company and said, “It’s time for me to step down and choose the next CEO. All of you will get chance…

Painter Job and Hole in Boat - Small Help Heartwarming Story

Painter Job and Hole in Boat – Inspiring Story

Once a boat owner decided to get his boat paint. So one day, he called a painter and asked him to paint his boat. Painter bought with him paint and brushes and began to paint boat with bright red color as owner asked him. While painting boat, he realized that there was a hole in…

Angulimala Enlightenment Story - Buddha Teaching

Angulimala Enlightenment Story – Buddha Teaching

Long ago, there was man who was a mad murderer. He had taken vow that he would kill one thousand people. Because society hadn’t treated him well, He had decided to take revenge on society by killing one thousand man and from every person killed he would take one finger and make a rosary around…

Inspirational Story of Enrico Caruso - Hardwork n Success Story

Inspirational Story of Enrico Caruso

Once upon a time in city of Naples in Italy, a young boy of about eleven years old who used to live with his mother. They were very poor, so both of them had to work so that they can earn enough money to buy their daily needs. Boy used to work in factory. Young…

Farmer and Nobleman Story - Always do Good Inspirational Short Story

Farmer and Nobleman Story – Always do Good

Once there was a poor Scottish farmer. One day, while working, he heard a cry for help from near by bog. He dropped his tools and ran to bog. There he saw a boy terrified and screaming stuck in bog up to waist. He was struggling to free himself. Farmer quickly acted and saved boy…

Courtier Search for Secret of Work - Working with Heart Moral Story

Courtier’s Search – Secret of Work Story

Once upon a time, lived a King who was very kind and wise. One day, he got curious to know about his subjects work and their well being. So, one day, he called his courtiers and said, “Go, find how are people of my Kingdom living and bring me person who knows about ‘Secret of…

Sharing and Caring for Others - Friendship Moral stories for Kids

Caring for Others – Moral Story for Kids

Once lived a girl named Geeta, seven years old and only child of her parents. Her parents never refused her anything and because of this she became arrogant and spoiled child. One day, her mother noticed that her daughter was not liked by neighbor kids, they wouldn’t play with her. She also got to know…

Interesting Story - Farmer Worry Helper Response n Work in Farm Story

Farmer Worry – Interesting Story

Once a farmer owned a land along Atlantic sea coast. It was a difficult for farmer to do all the work alone. So he would constantly advertise to hire someone for help. Most people were reluctant to work on farms there because of dreaded awful storms occurring across ocean, wreaking havoc on buildings and crops….

Disciple Test Story - Last Initiation Test by Master and King Reaction Story

King’s Reaction – Disciple Test Story

Once a disciple as going to be given his last initiation by his master. Once he passes his last initiation he would be declared enlightened. Disciple went to master and said, “I am ready. Please tell me what i have to do for my last initiation.” Master said, “You have to go to King, early…