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Here are some heartening short stories to give you the burst of hope and courage to persevere and fill your heart with optimism.

Man Nature And Cat Instinct - Moral Values Short Stories

True Caring Nature..!!

One day in forest, an old man was roaming around was he saw a little cat struck in a hole. He saw that it was struggling to get out of it very hard but still wasn’t able to get out. So old man thought of helping it and gave a hand to get him out…

Donkey Shake It Off And Step Up - Donkey in Well Story

Donkey in The Well..!!

One day as farmer was passing by the well suddenly his donkey fell in to the well. Well was deep so donkey was not able to get out of it and cried for hours as farmer was trying to figure out idea to get it out of the well. After hours of thinking and seeing…

Horse Ranch - Real Life Inspirational Stories of Success

Follow Your Dream..!!

It’s story of a young man name Monty who was a son of horse trainer who would go stables, race tracks, farms, training horses. As a result boy’s high school career was interrupted continuously. One day at this school he was asked to write a paper about what he wanted to be in his life…

Little Boy's Job Appraisal Story - Short Inspirational Stories

Little Boy’s Job Appraisal

A little boy went to drug store and climbed on to carton so that he can reach phone. Then he dialed a number and started talking. Boy: Mam, can you give me the job of cutting your lawn? Lady (At other end of call): Sorry, but i already have someone to do that job. Boy:…

Clever Kids - Funny Short Inspirational Stories

Clever Kids.. Sweet Funny Story

It was a busy high way that connects all major roads in the city. People rush in their vehicles and it leads to chaos in the busy road. Driving the vehicles beyond the speed limit became the major problem in the city. A police officer decided to watch for the vehicles that are driven beyond…

Sand and Stone Story of Two Friends in English

Sand and Stone Story

Jimmy and Johnny were best friends. They fought for many reasons and but never gave up their friendship. They went in search of a job and visited many places to earn more money. They passed through various places, villages, towns, forests, beaches, and were supporting each other all the way through out their journey. One…

Father and Son Moral Story - Heart Touching Reply by Son

Son’s Heart Touching Reply to Father..!!

Once upon a time, there lived a very rich and wealthy man in a big town. He had all sorts of wealth and led a luxurious life. He had every luxury at his footstep and could afford to feed for the entire people of his town. He always boasted his luxurious life to his friends…

King And Wise Man Short Management Stories With MoralsKing And Wise Man Short Management Stories With Morals

King And Wise Man!

A long time ago, People lived happily under the Rule of King Shoelong. The Kingdom people had very prosperous life with abundance of Wealth and no misfortune. One day king decided to travel and visit Historical places and Pilgrim centers at far away places. He decided to travel by foot and interact with people on…

Nail And Fence Story With Good Moral for Kids

Nail And Fence Story With Good Moral for Kids

A Little Boy who Lived with his Father and Mother in a Small Village. He was only son in his family. Boy’s Parents were Depressed due to his Bad Temper. The boy used to get angry very soon and Taunt other kids and use angry words. He used to scold kids, friends, neighbors. Because of…

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