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Here are some heartening short stories to give you the burst of hope and courage to persevere and fill your heart with optimism.

Two Paintings Depicting Peace! Life Lesson

Two Paintings Depicting Peace!

Once there was King who was very fond of paintings. So, one day he made an announcement in his kingdom that – Any painter who would make and bring painting that depicts peace best way, will be rewarded. On decided day, many painters reached King’s palace with their paintings. King looked at all the paintings…

Elderly Advice to Young Man - Be Careful

Elderly Advice to Young Man – Be Careful

There was small village on edge of forest. Forest surrounding village had many wild animals. That’s why it was very important for people of village to have knowledge of climbing trees, so that they could save their lives by climbing trees when faced with wild animals. An elderly who used to live in that village….

Four Women and Their Son Qualities..!

Four Women and Their Son Qualities..!

Four women came to fill water at the well of village. While they were filling water, they started talking to each other. While talking, they started extolling the qualities of their son. First woman said, “My son plays flute. He plays so well that whoever hears his flute, becomes mesmerized. I am very happy to…

Ant and Pigeon Story - Helping Others

Ant and Pigeon Story – Helping Others

One hot afternoon, a thirsty ant was wandering in search of water. After searching for long, ant saw a river and started moving toward it. When ant came close to river, couldn’t find direct way to drink water. So, ant climbed up a rock and while trying to drink water, it lost balance and fell…

Heads to Sell - King Advice to Minister

Heads to Sell – Story about False Pride

Once a kingdom was ruled by mighty King who was a skilled warrior and was victorious in every battle. Kings of neighboring states also believed in his bravery. Once he was returning to his city after winning a war. His minister and soldiers were with him. On the way, King saw a Buddhist monk sitting…

Little Boy Go to Forest to Pray - Why?

Little Boy Go to Forest to Pray – Why?

Everyday, after school, Rabbi’s son would enter his house and keep his school bag on table and leave the house through back door. At first, Rabbi didn’t gave it much thought. But when it continued for weeks, Rabbi got concerned. Everyday, his son would leave from back door and would return back after an hour….

Growing Best Quality Corn - Farmer's Secret

Growing Best Quality Corn – Farmer’s Secret!

A farmer used to grow very good quality corn in his fields. He would participate in National crop fair and used to win every year. One year a reporter came to competition to interview him, curious to know how he has been able to win every year. When winner was announced, this year too that…

Price of Apples n Bananas - Finding Way to Help

Price of Apples n Bananas – Finding Way to Help

A man went to buy fruits. He asked shopkeeper, “What is price of banana and apples?” Shopkeeper replied, “Banana is 20rs/dozen and apples 100rs/kg.” At same time, a woman came to shop and said, “Bhaiya (Brother), I want a kilo of apple and a dozen banana. What is price?” Shopkeeper said, “Banana is 5rs/dozen and…

Cashier Mistake and Customer’s Dilemma

Once a man went to bank to withdraw some money. Customer filled form and gave to cashier. Cashier processed form and gave customer his withdrawn money. When customer took money, he realized that cashier had given him 1,40,000rs instead of 1,20,000 which he had filled in form. Customer saw that cashier had no idea of…

Minister Reaction to his Death Sentence!

Minister Reaction to his Death Sentence!

Once King Devraj was not happy with Knowledge of his minister. So, he ordered his soldier to go to his house and give his message. It was occasion of minister’s birthday and everyone was rejoicing when soldier arrived with King’s message. Soldier said, “Today, in evening minister will be hanged.” Hearing this, all stopped. Minister’s…

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