Value of Pablo Picasso Painting..!!

Inspirational Stories about Hard Work - Pablo Picasso Painting Short StoryIt’s story of Hard work and it’s Value of Picasso a very famous painter born in Spain.

One day when Picasso was walking through a road, a women who was passing by same road saw Picasso. She recognized him and ran to him.

She said to him, “Am big fan of yours. I like your paintings very much.. Please will you make me a painting too..??”

Picasso smiled at request and said, “I have nothing to paint. I am empty handed here. I will make you a painting some other time..”

Women replied, “I don’t know if i will be able to meet you again or not.. Please make me a painting now..”

On being insisted so much by women Picasso took out a small piece of paper and pen out of his pocket and began to make something on that paper.

Within 10 seconds Picasso completed drawing handed that paper to that women and said, “Take this it’s a million dollar painting..”

Women find it strange that how can he make a complete drawing within 10 seconds and is saying that it would value million dollar painting.

Women thanked him and took that painting with her. After she reached home she thought that may be Picasso was joking about value of that drawing he made for her.

So, she went to market to know about the right value of painting. She was surprised to know that that drawing actually worth million dollars.

After that women again got a chance to meet Picasso. She was very excited to see him. She went to him and said, “Sir, you were right that drawing you made was worth million dollar.”

She continued, “Sir, please make me your student. Please teach me how to paint so that i am able to paint like you made million dollar painting in such small time.”

Picasso smiled and said, “Dear, this drawing which i made in 10 sec, it values million dollar. this value is of 30 yrs of my life i gave to Hard work, struggle and dedication towards learning arts..!!

If you want to do this.. Give your life to this and you will also be able to make painting like this..”

Women was speechless.

When we see other successful we think that they got it easy.. what we don’t realize is the hard work and time hidden behind that success..

Nobody see that Hard work and Patience. Everyone see only success but they don’t see that one have to sacrifice life in preparation and to achieve that success. Success seeks experience and struggle.

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