If There is Little Extra Salt in Lemonade! Teacher Student Story

If There is Little Extra Salt in Lemonade! Teacher Student StoryThere was a college student who was always quiet in class. He didn’t talk to anyone much and didn’t have any friends.

One of his teacher noticed this. He called him out after class and asked, “I often see you sit silent, neither talking to anyone nor showing interest in anything. What is reason for this?”

Student said, “Some very bad incidents have happened in my life. I remained troubled thinking about them and not able to concentrate on anything.”

Listening to this, teacher asked him to come to his house on weekend. Student reached teacher’s house at appointed time.

Teacher welcomed him and asked him to sit comfortably. Then teacher asked, “Would you like to drink lemonade?”

Student hesitantly replied, “Yes.”

Teacher bought lemonade for student. As soon as student took a sip of lemonade, he made strange face.

Seeing this, teacher asked, “What happened? didn’t you like it?”

Student replied, “There is a little too much salt in it..”

Teacher said, “Oh, no problem, i will throw it away and make new one.”

Saying this, as teacher was about to pick up the glass, student stopped him and said, “Sir, there is no need to throw it. There is just little extra salt, if we add a little more sugar to it, it will be completely fine.”

“Exactly, what i want you to understand. Now, compare this situation with your life.

Excess of salt in lemonade is like bad experience we had in life. Now, understand this, to improve the taste of lemonade, we do not remove salt from it, but add more sugar to it.

Similarly, we cannot separate sad events that have happened to us from our lives but we can improve our life by adding good experience in life to erase old bitterness and sorrows. That sweetness has to be mixed.

If you keep crying about your past, neither your present will be good nor your future will be bright.” teacher said.

Student now realized his mistake. He vowed in his mind to once again give the right direction to his life.

If we remain immersed in ocean of sorrows then we will not be able to notice even good opportunities coming our way. It is important to over come our old memories and mistake and give new direction to life.

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