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Idol Worship Significance - Swami Vivekananda Life Stories for LearningIn 1891, State of Alwar was ruled by Maharaja who was not a believer of idol worship. It was heard that he often made fun of idol worship just to appease britishers.

Swami Vivekananda was invited by, Dewan (Minister) of State of Alwar, to palace to discuss problems of people with Maharaja.

On meeting, Maharaja kept on asking questions wanting to divert important topic of discussion but Vivekananda kept on replying strictly sticking to issue.

Just then Maharaja took a different tack and asked, “Well, I see all these people worshiping idols but i don’t believe in idol worship.. Can you tell me what will happen to me?”

Vivekananda replied, “To each his own belief..”

Then suddenly, Vivekananda asked for a portrait of Maharaja which was hanging on wall to be removed from there and bought in front of Maharaja.

Then Vivekananda asked Dewan to come forward and spit on that portrait.

Listening to it, Dewan shockingly replied “What..!! What are you saying?? How can i spit of portrait of our Maharaja??”

Vivekananda replied, “It’s just a portrait, he is not physically inside that portrait. It can not move or speak like Maharaja and yet you are unwilling to spit on this portrait..!!

It’s because you know that spitting on it would mean insulting your Maharaja..”

Then Vivekananda turned toward Maharaja and said, “Though you are not present inside this portrait, you men feel they will insult you if they spit on it..

Same applies to people who worship Idols made of soil, wood or stone. Idol remind them of their God. They do not worship just that material but they Worship their God through these idols.

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