Buddha’s Wisdom – People Hypocrisy Story

Hypocrisy Stories - Hypocrite People and Buddha's Wisdom Moral StoryBuddha was traveling from place to place. Once he decided to stop in a village for few days.

Soon, people came to know about him and started to go to him to get his blessings. Some people would go to him to ask solution of their problems.

One day, a woman came to him and said, “You look like a prince. May i know what is the reason for wearing ocher (Bhagwa) cloth in this youth?”

Buddha replied, “I retired to find solutions to questions about life. How body which is so young and attractive but soon it will be aged and will eventually go to mouth of death. I have to gain knowledge about the cause of old age, sickness and death.”

Impressed by them, woman invited him for a meal. Buddha agreed.

Soon this news spread through out the village. After knowing this villagers came with Head of Village to meet Buddha.

Everyone requested Buddha, “You should not go to that woman house for food as she is characterless.”

Buddha asked Village Head, “Do you believe that woman is characterless?”

Village head said, “I can take oath that she is woman of bad character. So, please don’t go to her house.”

Buddha held right hand of Village Head and asked him to clap.

Village Head replied, “How can i clap? I can not clap with one hand because you have held my other hand.”

Buddha replied, “If you can not clap with with one hand. How can it be that woman is characterless itself unless men of this village are characterless.

If man of village were of good character than this woman would not have been like this, so men here are responsible from its character.

Everyone was ashamed to hear this and silently walked away.

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