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Humility Stories - Sage Spiritual Lesson to King Offer Gratitude Moral StoryOne day King went to his spiritual master and said, “Master, you have been helping me in my spiritual life. I am very grateful to you.. I want to do something for you.. Can i give something to you that you need?”

Master replied, “I have everything from God. What can you give me? What do i need?”

Still King kept on insisting and said, “Please tell me if i can do something for you.. I will be happy if i can be of some service to you..”

Master said, “Ok.. I will be really happy and grateful to you if you can chase away flies that bothers me so often..”

King was surprised and hesitantly asked, “This is thing you are asking me to do?? Such easy task..!!”

Master smiled..

So the King started chasing away the flies. But each time he chased them away, they kept coming back. There was no end to the flies.

King thought to himself, “I am a King and i am obliged to my Master because he had helped me so much to improve my inner self..

I just wanted to do something for him in return.

I am King i thought Master would ask me for money for lands in return but he asked me to do such job..

Now i feel really ashamed that i can’t even do this kind of job. I can’t even do such an easy task for my Master.”

Seeing King lost in his thought Master said, “Your heart thought that by pleasing me it would make progress. But your mind had a kind of pride in it.

Your mind thought that by pleasing me it would do me a great favor. Therefore, I wanted you to go through this experience — not of humiliation but of humility.

I want humility from you. That is why I have given you this job.

I my case i needed nothing but because you waned to help me so i gave you the easiest job of chasing flies..

If even the easiest job you cannot do, how will you do the most difficult job, which is to please God in God’s own way?

So give up your pride, give up your sense of humiliation. Only feel that in the spiritual life humility is of paramount importance. And of all the virtues, the most important is to offer gratitude to God for what you have and what you are.

King understood his mistake and bowed in front of his Master and left.

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