Human Nature in Kaliyuga

Human Nature in Kaliyuga - Krishna and Padavas Story in English ShareOnce Pandavas(except for Yudhishthira) asked Krishna, “What is Kaliyuga and what will happen during Kaliyuga?”

Krishna smiled and said, “Let me demonstrate¬† you the situation of Kaliyuga..”

Krishna took a bow and shot four arrows in four directions and asked Pandavas to bring them back. Each Pandavas went in different directions to bring those arrows back.

When Arjuna picked an arrow, he heard a very sweet voice and turned around to see. He saw a cuckoo not only singing in spell binding voice but also eating flesh of a live rabbit who was in pain.

Bhima picked arrow, where five wells were situated. He saw that four wells were overflowing with sweet water and surprisingly the well in middle of those four well was completely empty.

Nakula picked arrow from a place where he saw that cow was about to give birth. After giving birth cow started to licking calf to clean him but even after that cow continued licking calf. People separated them with great difficulties and by time calf was injured badly.

Sahadeva picked arrow which fell near a mountain and saw a big boulder falling down hill crushing rocks and big trees but same big boulder was stopped by a small plant.

All Pandavas per confused and surprised by the events they saw the those places and asked Krishna meaning of those incident occurring.

Krishna smiled and explained..

“In Kaliyuga, the priests will have very sweet voice and will also have great knowledge but they will exploit devotees the same way cuckoo was doing with rabbit.

In Kaliyuga poor will live among rich, those rich will have enormous amount of wealth which will actually overflow but they will not offer a single penny to the poor same as the four wells didn’t have a single drop of water for the empty well.

In Kaliyuga parents will love their children so much that their love will actually spoil them and will destroy their lives similar to the love shown by cow to her newborn calf.

In Kaliyuga people will fall in terms of character like the boulder from the mountain and they will not be stopped by anyone at the end only the name of God will be able to hold them from doom like the little plant held the boulder from further fall.”

~ Uddhava Gita, Srimad Bhaagawatam.

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  1. I’ve tried looking for this in the Uddhava Gita, but to no avail. I’m doubting the authenticity of this.

    • This story is not in Srimad Bhagavatam, Uddhava-gita which is 11th Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam, or in Mahabharata. It is a false story and made-up claim, which is still being widely being shared on social media, even in 2024. This hoax is spreading because few question it.

  2. Please could you give reference to this as I cant find it anywhere. This might be a story without any reference.


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