How to Overcome Jealousy..?

How to Overcome Jealousy in Friendship - Best Moral Story fr School KidsOnce there were two good friends Arun and Karan. They were classmates since kindergarden. Arun was always ahead of Karan in all fields be it studies or sports or any extra curricular activities.

Arun was always selected to perform in all school programs and was famous throughout school. Karan would endeavor to out-do Arun each time but never succeeded.

One day when Karan returned home he had gloomy face. When his mother saw that she said, “Why do you look like a cry baby??”

Karan made grumpy face and replied, “It’s all because of Arun. Once again he got higher marks than me and no matter how hard i try but he is always ahead of me.. I don’t understand why i am always lagging behind..”

Mother questioned, “Are you jealous of Arun??”

Karan replied, “No.. No why i would be jealous of him. He is my friend..”

Mother replied, “Ok.. Listen carefully to what i say and tell me whether you agree or not..?”

Karan agreed and started to listen..

Mother continued, “When people praise Arun, you don’t like it. When he loss, you feel happy. Whatever he does, you feel compelled to do it all. You keep seeing negative qualities in him and feel a sense of dislike towards him. You feel like telling others about his negatives. You burn like fire all day long. Tell me, do you feel all of this?”

Karan was stunned with what he heard and said, “It’s true but how did you know about this??”

Mother replied, “Your gloomy face shows it all but i have a great solution for you to overcome jealousy..”

Karan replied, “What is it?? Please tell me..”

Mother replied, “When you heartily appreciate the positive qualities in others, those qualities manifest in you. Our strength increases and by heartily accepting the positive in others, our jealousy for the person dissolves completely. Therefore, you too should appreciate the positive qualities in Arun from the bottom of your heart.”

Just listening to this Karan replied with grumpy face, “Positives qualities?? In Arun?? Even if search i cannot find even a single positive quality in him..”

Mother rhetorically asked, “You can’t or you don’t want to find?”

Karan looked down speechlessly.

Mother said, “Ok.. Tell me when do you start preparing for exam?”

Karan replied, “A week before..”

Mother asked, “and Arun??”

Karan thought and replied, “He studies daily. Once his father told me that Arun always follows his timetable. He has slotted aside time to watch TV, play and chat with friends and he diligently follows the timetable.”

Mother replied, “So.. this is known was good management skills and this proves that he is sincere and hardworking..”

Karan nodded in yes. Mother than said, “Instead of being jealous, if you appreciate his positive qualities then these qualities will also begin to develop in you.”

Karan felt inspired and following that day, he remembered his mother’s teaching. He began to notice and appreciate Arun’s discipline, sincerity, concentration, hard working qualities.

Within no time, he also became sincere and hard working like Arun.

Exam results were declared. Karan went home to mother and looked very happy. Mother smiled and said, “What’s matter? You look very happy today..!!”

Karan replied, “Yes.. I got results today. Arun again stood first while i came second. Best part is today i am not jealous of him at all. I am happy to see my progress and at same time i am happy with his…”

Karan continued, “Thank you.. You have given me the ultimate solution to overcome jealousy. All my energies were lost being jealous. Now, I can steer my strengths onto the path of progress.”

Mother was happy and hugged Karan and congratulated him on his good work and progress.

We should focus our Energy on positive and with in not time we would be able to do things we couldn’t think of doing before.

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