How to Live Happy Life – Quotes by Dalai Lama

How to Live Happy Life - Quotes by Dalai LamaInstead of Wondering Why this is Happening to You, Consider Why this is Happening to You.

If you Don’t Love yourself, you Cannot love Others. If you have No Compassion for Yourself then you are Not able of developing Compassion for Others.

What is the Meaning of Life? To be Happy and Useful.

When you think Everything is Someone else’s Fault, you will Suffer a lot. When you Realize that Everything springs only from Yourself, you will Learn both Peace and Joy.

If Someone does not Smile at you, be Generous and Offer your own Smile. Nobody needs a Smile more than the one that cannot Smile to Others.

You may go to Bed at night Confronted by many Problems in your Life but it’s Hope that Motivates you to get out of bed and Carry on with your Life next morning.

When you Practice Gratefulness, There is a Sense of Respect toward Others.

A Good Motivation and Honesty bring Self confidence, which Attracts the Trust and Respect of others. Therefore the Real source of Blessings is in our own mind.

Pain can change You but that doesn’t mean it has to be a Bad change. Take that Pain and turn it into Wisdom.

When you Talk, you are only Repeating what you already Know. But if you Listen, you may Learn something New.

When we meet Real tragedy in Life, we can React in Two ways – Either by Losing Hope and falling into Self-destructive Habits or by Using the Challenge to find our Inner strength.

Foolish, Selfish people are always Thinking of themselves and the Result is always Negative. Wise persons think of Others, Helping them as much as they can and the result is Happiness.

No Material Object, However beautiful or valuable, can make us Feel Loved.

The Important thing is that Men should have a Purpose in Life. It should be something Useful, something Good.

We seek Happiness in External things without Realizing that they don’t help when we have Problems within. We need to Focus instead on the Joy that comes with Peace of Mind that allows us to Remain happy whatever Happens.

A Source of Trouble is our Unruly minds. We can counter that by Developing a Warm heart.

Better grounded Emotionally through Patience, We become Stronger Mentally and Spiritually and tend to be Healthier physically.

Too much Self-centered attitude brings Isolation. Result – Loneliness, Fear, Anger. The Extreme self-centered Attitude is the Source of Suffering.

Just as we employ Physical hygiene to Protect our Health. We need Emotional hygiene, the Means to Tackle our Destructive emotions, if we are to Achieve Peace of mind.

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