How to be a Good Learner!!

How to be a Good Learner - Zen Learning Stories for Life LessonsStory 1: Professor Question..

A university professor came to a Japanese master to Question About Zen. Japanese master greeted him. Before they could start to talk about Zen Japanese master invited professor for tea.

At the table both were sitting in front of each other. Master started to serve tea for professor while pouring tea for professor master poured his cup full and even then he kept on pouring in that cup.

For sometime professor kept watching the overflow but after some time he couldn’t restrain himself for saying, “It’s full. No more will go in…”

“Just like this cup! You are full of your own opinion and speculation. How can i show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?” said Japanese master.


Story 2: How Long will it Take to Find Zen?

Once a very curious young man wanted to learn zen. After joining for some time student approached his master and asked. “If i work hard how long will it take me to find Zen?”

Master thought for a while and replied, “May be in 10 years.”

Listening to this curious student asked his master, “What if i work very very hard and learn really fast? How long will it take then?”

“I think Twenty years” ,replied master.

“But what if i work really really hard. I will work day and night, Every minute Every second. How long then?”

“It will take Thirty Years”, master replied to young man.

Disappointed and sad student asked his master, “I don’t understand!! Every time i say i will work harder, You say it will take longer time to find zen. Why do you say so?”

Master replied, “It’s because when you have one eye on the goal, then you only have one eye on the path.”

If we want to learn we should try to start from basis and should not Hustle.

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