How Sutra of Knowledge Saved Merchant! Anger Story

How Sutra of Knowledge Saved Merchant! Anger StoryLong time ago, after two years of marriage, a young man expressed to his wife, his desire to go abroad and do business.

His wife agreed. Young man left for his journey. Young man reached foreign country and worked hard. There he earned a lot of money and became a rich merchant.

After eighteen years, he felt satisfied with money her earned and wanted to return home. He sent a letter to his wife before leaving and boarded on a ship.

On ship, he found a man who was looking sad. Merchant asked him reason for his sadness.

Man said, “There is no respect for knowledge in this country. I came to this country to sell Sutras of knowledge but no one wants to buy it.”

Merchant thought, “I have earned a lot from this country, this is my workplace. It should be respected.”

Thinking this, he expressed his desire to buy sutras of knowledge.

Man said, “Price of each sutra is five hundred gold coins.”

Deal seemed expensive but due to respect for his workplace. He agreed to give five hundred gold coins, in exchange for a sutra of knowledge.

Man gave this formula – Before Doing Anything, Stop and Think for 2 Minutes.

After many days journey, merchant reached his city early. So, he decided to give his wife surprise.

So, he silently entered his house and went straight to wife’s room. But after seeing scene there, he was shocked.

There he saw that, a young man was sleeping beside his wife.

Man became very angry and started thinking, “I kept worrying about her all these years and here she is with another man. I will not leave both of them alive.”

Thinking this, he pulled out his sword and was about to attack. Just then he remembered about Sutra and stopped for 2 minutes to think.

He pulled back his sword, when the pot fell. Because of noise, his wife woke up.

As soon as she looked at her husband, she became happy and said, “My life was empty without you. Only i know how to spend so many years waiting.”

Merchant was still angry, seeing another man sleeping on bed.

At that moment, wife asked young man to get up saying, “Son, wake up, your father has come.”

Hearing this, tears flowed from merchant’s eyes. Hugging his wife and son, he started thinking – If i had not thought about sutra of knowledge then how much disaster would have happened.

Sutra of knowledge seemed expensive to me that day but 500 gold coins are very less for such a Sutra.

Essence of Story:
Never act in Haste, while in Anger, In anger stop and think for two minutes.

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