How Much Time Will it Take to Reach? Saint Answer

How Much Time Will it Take to Reach Saint AnswerOne day a saint was sitting at the side of the road, when a man came up to him and said, “Sir, could you please tell me, how far away is the village? How long it will take to reach there?”

Saint said nothing. He got up and gestured man to continue on his way and himself started to walk along side that man. Man was embarrassed and also little frightened at that saint’s strange behavior.

He said to saint, “Please do not trouble yourself. All i wanted to know was distance. I can go alone on my way.”

Still saint saint nothing but continued to walk with that man. After fifteen minutes, saint stopped and said, “It will take you two hours to reach the village.”

“You could have told me that at the beginning..! There was no need for you to walk a mile with me.”, exclaimed that man.

Saint replied, “How could i estimate time before i knew your walking speed? Time to cover distance isn’t decided by length but by the speed of the walker. Now after i walked with you, i can tell you that it will take you two hours to reach the village.”

Everything depends on your speed. You can run and you will arrive sooner. You can waddle along and then we cannot say when you will arrive. Your speed can be such that in one moment you can take the jump.

For this is no external journey, it is an inner journey (Real Goal of Life). You have only to turn inside from wherever you are. If you postpone for tomorrow or the day after, or the day after that.. well, that is what you have been doing for infinite lives!

If you stake all your being without holding back any part of yourself, if you put in all your effort with the utmost intensity of your life form, you can reach here and now.

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