How Many Friends Do You Need to be Happy??

How Many Friends Do You Need to be Happy - Friendship Day Special StoryOnce a student came to his Master and asked him, “Master, How many friend does a person need – Just one or Many?”

Master replied, “It’s simple.. You will know for yourself.”

Then master took him to the orchard and then pointing to an apple tree said, “First bring me an apple from the highest branch of this tree.”

Student looked up and with sad look on his face said, “But Master, It’s too high for me.. I can’t reach it..”

“Why don’t you ask your friend’s for help..?”, Answered master.

Student asked one of his friend to come with him and stood on his shoulder but still couldn’t reach highest branch of that tree.

Student felt disappointed and said, “Master, I still can’t get to it..”

Master replied, “Don’t you have more friends?”

Student went back and asked his other friends to come with him.

Friends came and started to stand up on each other’s shoulder backs grunting, trying to build a live pyramid. But the apple was too high, the pyramid crumbled and the student wasn’t able to pick the longed apple.

Seeing this Master called him back and asked, “So, do you understand now How many friends does a person need?”

Student said, “Yes.. a person needs to have a lot of friends and together they can try to solve any problem..”

Master shaking his head in disappointment said, “Of course you need a lot of friends. So that among all of these athletes there would be at least one smart person who would figure out to bring a ladder..!!”

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