How Karma Works – Two Friends Story.!

How Karma Works Friends Story - Importance of Doing Good Moral StoryOnce there were two friends, One was Gurmeet and other was Manpreet. They were very good friends. Gurmeet believed in God but Manpreet didn’t.

Gurmeet would wake up early in morning, take bath and recite holy hymns and was always engaged in doing good works while Manpreet would stay in bed sound asleep and spend whole day playing around.

Once they were travelling through forest and as they were passing through forest, Manpreet found a bag of coal. Manpreet was very happy to found that bag as he could sell it and make some money.

As they walked further while talking about how lucky Manpreet was, Gurmeet screamed with pain. It appeared that a splinter got stuck in Gurmeet’s foot.

While Gurmeet was in pain, suddenly Manpreet started laughing.

Gurmeet was surprised to see him laugh and asked, “Why are you laughing?”

Manpreet replied, “You have been worshiping God everyday and what you got as a result, a splinter in your foot where as i have never worshiped God and yet got a bag full of coal.”

At that time, an old Sage happened to pass by.

Old Sage heard Manpreet’s comment and stopped near them. He had a big smile on his face. Manpreet was astonished to see that Sage’s smile.

Manpreet asked Sage about reason for his smile.

Old man replied, “You are naive. You were destined to find a bag full of diamonds today if you have been worshiping God and doing good works but you got only bag of coal.

Where as your friend was destined to be harmed severely but got splinter in his foot just because he had been worshiping God severe physical loss simply turned into small pain caused by splinter.”

We should Live our Life doing Good because God is always watching us and will always be there for us in Our Difficult times.

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