How Can I Be Happy? Man Question to Mahatma

How Can I Be Happy - Man Question to MahatmaLong time ago, once a man went to Mahatma (Saint) and said, “How can i be happy?”

Hearing this, Mahatma asked him to come with him to forest. Man agreed. They both started walking toward forest. When they were in the forest, Mahatma asked that man to pick up a stone that was lying there.

Man picked up stone. Both started walking again while man was still holding that stone in his hand.

After walking for a while, man said to Mahatma, “Maharaj, my hand is hurting.”

Mahatma said, “Ok, then you can put this stone down.”

As soon as Mahatma said this, man dropped that stone right their and felt relieved. They both started walking again.

After a while, Mahatma asked, “How are you feeling now?”

Man replied, “I am happy. After throwing stone, i am not feeling that much pain in my hand. I feel much better.”

At this Mahatma said, “This is secret to happiness. This way you can live happily.”

Man was confused and asked, “I don’t understand!!”

Mahatma ji smiled and said, “People lift so many stones in their life and keep walking with them, then how can they be happy? Therefore, If you want to be happy, then you have to throw away such stones which give you pain.”

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