Horse Race Challenge to Raman – Secret to Success

Horse Race Challenge to Raman - Secret to SuccessOnce an Arab who used to sell horse came to Vijayanagar from Persia with ship of horses. Many people in King’s court used to buy horses from Arabia.

One day, Raman said that horses of Vijayanagar were better than horses from Arabia. Listening to this, ministers in court, who bought horses from Arab, challenged Raman to prove his point in a horse race.

Raman agreed. Day of race was decided.

Courtiers started putting in lots of effort into training their horses.

On day of race, courtiers bought their horse. Their horses were strong and sturdy. They employed best trained jockeys to ride horse in race.

Where as, Raman bought his horse which looked thin. He looked like as if he had not eaten for many days. On race field Raman announced that he would ride his own horse.

All the horses were lined up with their jockeys.

When Raman sat on his horse, he was holding a long stick, with bundle of grass tied on one end of stick.

As soon as race started, Raman held stick from other end and hung grass side in front of horse. Horse wanted to eat that grass, so he ran fast.

But no matter how fast he ran, grass remained out of his reach. Raman horse started running at higher and higher speed until it crossed the finish line and came first in race.

After winning race, Raman hugged his horse and fed him green grass to his fill.

When Raman went to receive award, King asked him his secret of success. Raman smiled and said, “Maharaj, One must be hungry for success, only then one will be successful.”

If we want to Successful in Life then we should Focus on our Goal and work hard to Achieve that Goal.

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