Woodcutter Honesty – Aesop Fable

Honest Woodcutter Story - Aesops Fables Classic Short Moral Stories for Kids Once in a village lived a woodcutter. Everyday morning he would go to forest to cut trees and then in evening he would bring woods back to village in market to sell. He used to earn just enough to make a living.

One day he was cutting a tree near a river. While cutting his axe slipped out of his hand into river. Woodcutter became very sad and worried as it was one and only axe he had.

He sat near river as he didn’t knew what to do now. He closed his eyes and prayed to God.

Just a moment later he heard a voice saying, “What happened?”

When he looked around he saw a fairy standing right in front of him. Fairy asked, “Why are you sad?”

Woodcutter told her about how he slipped his axe into the river and he requested fairy if she could help him to get his axe back.

Fairy smiled and dipped her hand into river and bought out an axe which was made of silver.

She asked him, “Is this your axe??”
Woodcutter replied,”No.. that’s not my axe.”

Fairy again dipped her hand into river and bought up another axe which was made of pure gold and asked, “Is this your axe?”
Woodcutter replied, “No. This axe is made of gold and i can’t use it to cut trees. It’s of no use for me.”

Fairy smiled and again put her hand into river and this time she took out an iron axe and asked, “Is this your axe?”
Seeing it a smile came on woodcutter face and he replied, “Yes.. Yes.. that’s mine. Thank you so much..”

Seeing woodcutter honesty fairy got impressed and as a reward with iron axe, fairy gave both silver and gold axes as his reward for his honesty.

Always be honest. Honesty is always rewarded.

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