Holding Lamp in Hands – Saint and King Story

Holding Lamp in Hands - Saint and King StoryThere was a very religious and knowledgeable King in Mithila. One day, a saint came to meet him. King welcomed and respected saint wholeheartedly and asked the reason for coming to the court.

Saint said, “Rajan, i have heard that despite living in palace amidst so much grandeur, you remain aloof from them. I did penance yet this could not happen. How did you achieved this while staying in palace?”

King replied, “Mahatma ji, you have come at wrong time, This is my work time, I will answer your question later. Till then, please take this lamp and have a look around and see my palace completely.

But keep one thing in mind, lamp should not get extinguished while roaming around in palace. If that happens you might lose your way.”

Saint accepted. Saint took the lamp and went to see the palace. After several hours saint returned to King.

Saint said, “Rajan, i went to every part of your palace, saw everything yet it all remained unseen.”

King asked, “Why?”

Saint replied, “Rajan, all my attention was focused on this lamp so that it doesn’t get extinguished.”

King replied, “Mahatma ji, same thing happens with me. All my attention remains on God. While waking up, getting up and sitting up only one thing remains in front of me that everything belongs to him. Whatever i am doing, i am doing it for him.”

Saint bowed his head at King feet and went away.

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