Hold Lamp Higher – Father Son Story

Hold Lamp Higher - Father Son Story Once a father and his son were going on a journey. Father was carrying luggage and had given his son a small lamp to carry.

It was late in evening. They had to walk through a hard and thorny foot path. Father found it difficult to walk with dim light of moon, so he said to his son, “Son, light the lamp.”

Son replied, “Father, if we light lamp now, then oil will be exhausted soon. Let us walk some more without using lamp.”

Father didn’t said anything and they continued walking.

After a while, it became completely dark. Father said, “Son, you should light the lamp now.”

Son lit the lamp and held it low.

Father said, “Son, hold it higher so that we can get better view of road ahead.”

Son replied, “But father if i hold i high, then it will be blown off by the wind. So let me hold it low.”

Father again didn’t said anything..

Both father and son were stumbling on path as they could not see path clearly. Just a while later, son was about to fall down and saved by his father.

Now father said, “At least, now hold your lamp high. We will be able to see path clearly.”

Son help lamp high and to his surprise. Path was brightened and they were able to see clearly. He saw that there were thorns and bushes and a snake was passing by just in front. Now, they were able to cross path easily.

Son realized that their journey was hard because he didn’t hold the lamp high.

God has given everyone a lamp to make his path bright and journey easy. Our talents and good deeds are the lamp. If we do not keep hiding our lamp and hold it higher, then our life journey will be pleasant and joyous.

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