Child and Mother’s Relationship..!! Heart Touching

Heart Touching Stories About Mother - Little Girl Rose for Mother Moral StoryStory 1: Rose for Mother..!

A man went to a flower shop to order some flowers to be wired to a distant place. Order of flower was to be sent to his mother who lived three hundred miles away.

As man got out of shop and went to his car, he noticed a young girl sitting alone on footpath crying.

He went to girl and asked her, “Are you alright?”

She replied, “I want to buy rose for my mother but i have only one dollar and a single rose cost 2 dollar.”

Man smiled toward that girl and said, “Come with me. I will buy that rose for you.”

He took that girl into flower shop and asked girl to order rose for her mother.

As girl was leaving shop with Rose, man offered girl to give her ride. She accepted and said, “Yes please.. take me to my mother.”

She directed him toward cemetery where she placed that rose on freshly dug grave.

At that moment man realized something and went back to flower shop and cancelled the order he placed before and then picked up a bouquet and drove three hundred miles to his mother’s house.

Life is too Short. We should spend as much as time with Loved one while we can. Love Your Parents and give Time to Them as there is nothing important than Family.


Heart Touching Stories About Mother - Unconditional Mother's Love StoriesStory 2: Mother’s demand at Old Age Home..

After father’s death, son decided to leave his mother at a old age home. Son used to visit her sometimes.

One day he received a phone call from old age home. On other side of call was his mother. In very serious tone she said, “Please come to visit..”

Son went and saw that condition of his mother was very critical.

He sat close to her mother and said, “Mom what can i do for you?”

Mother replied, “Please install fans in old age home as there are no fan here. Also, put a fridge for betterment of food because many time i had to sleep without food.”

Son was surprised to listen to this and questioned, “Mom while you were here you never complained and now when you have only few hours left why are telling me all this??”

Mother replied, “Son, i managed with heat and hunger and pain but when you get old and your children send you here in old age home. I am afraid you will not be able to manage..”

Our parents love us and they Never stop Caring about us even if We don’t care enough about them because They love us Unconditionally and we Never realize that till we have them.

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24 thoughts on “Child and Mother’s Relationship..!! Heart Touching

  1. this is real story when we become old our children will do the same.So, do good to your and our parent as much as we can.

    1. There is an argument going on in the comments about the story being fake. Allow me to explain.

      Whether the story is real or not is not the point. The purpose of the story is to teach a moral lesson, like Aesop’s fables. Those aren’t true either but they are designed to get you to think. There is a moral to the story.

      I appreciate you for sharing the story with us.

  2. i don’t know its true or fake but….mom stories are emotional dude…..don’t uh think once about that dude

  3. i don’t know its true or fake but… and child stories are emotional na dude….once think about that also….k dude…

  4. Stories can not always be real, but stories are told to take moral out of them. I’m touched with the second story. A Mother thinks about her son even while leaving the world. 🙁

  5. as is the trainer ,so is the result of gainer
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    the acts and actions were in respect of Vedas and Upanishads
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    let there be topics of human life to be goo and divine
    very pinching story of divine mother ,and thy affection to son
    arresting of such acts are in Human hand to restore and design/with thanks

  6. My heart was filled with tears as I read the story… Ts really very true. Thank you so much for the beautiful n heart touching stories.

  7. This story’s shown to us, we need to love and taking care of them always while they are alive and live with us.

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