Letter from God..! Heart Touching Story

Heart Touching Short Stories With Moral - Best Story About Joy of GivingOnce a lady got a letter. She looked at envelope and saw that there was no stamp and no postmark, it had only her name and address. She opened it.

She read the letter, “Dear Rose, I will be coming to your neighborhood this afternoon and would like to pay a visit to you. Love Always.. Jesus.”

Reading this letter Rose was shaken and started thinking to herself, “Why would Jesus visit me? I have nothing to offer…”

With this she remembered about her empty kitchen cabinets and reached for her purse to check for money. She saw that she had only 5 dollar.

She thought about things she could buy and hurried out of door. She went to market and bought a loaf of bread and carton of milk with some sliced turkey. She had only some cents left with her yet she was happy holding those meager offering tucked under her arm.

On her way back to home she heard a voice saying, “Lady, can you help us?” When she turned back she saw a man and woman in ragged clothes, were dirty and smelled bad.

Man said, “Lady, i ain’t got a job and me and my wife have been living on streets and it’s getting cold and we have nothing to eat. We are really hungry. If you could help us we would really appreciate..”

Rose replied, “Sir, i would like to help but i am myself a poor woman and all i have is some bread and turkey cuts which i bought for an important guest coming tonight.”

“Okay.. I can understand lady.. Thanks anyway.”, Man replied and hold hand of her wife and headed back to alley. As Rose watched them leave, she felt a little twinge in her heart. She turned back toward man and woman and said, “Sir.. wait..”

Couple stopped. Rose ran towards them, handed them grocery bag and said, “Sir, take this food with you. I will figure something out to serve my guest.”

“Thank you!! thank you!!”,said man’s wife. Rose saw that she was shivering from cold, seeing this Rose unbuttoned her coat and gave it to her and said, “You know, i have got another coat at home.. You take this one.”

Then smiling she turned and walked back toward her home. She was shivering with cold and worried about not having anything to offer to Jesus after she reach home. When she reached home. She opened her door. As she entered she noticed another mail.

She took envelope and opened it.

It Read: Dear Rose, it was good to see you.. Thank you for the lovely meal and also for beautiful coat. Love Always.. Jesus.

Always Help others.

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