Heart Touching Love Story!!

Girl Boy Friends in Love - Heart Touching Love StoriesIt’s story of a Boy and Girl. They were best friend for years and used to talk on phone for hours and text each other whole day. There wouldn’t be a day on which they didn’t contact and talk to each other. Everything was great. They used to be happy in each other company and enjoy.

But one day boy didn’t call of replied to girl for a day. Girl got worried and knew something was wrong. At night in her room she was crying and at that time she realized that how much he meant to her.

Next day in morning she got a call. It was from boy.

Boy: Hi
Girl: I am so glad that you called, What happened to you yesterday?
Boy: i was busy.

(After silence for min)

Boy: I think we should stop talking.
Girl: What? but why?
Boy: Sorry. Bye.

After this boy disconnected call. Girl was shocked. She couldn’t understand anything and was feeling lonely, rejected and broken. After thinking she decided to make a last try to get him back. So, She called him.

Girl: Hi
Boy: Why are you calling me?
Girl: I need to ask u something.
Boy: Go ahead
Girl (With heavy heart): Are you alright?
She tried to talk but she thought may be he really doesn’t care. She broke off and left her house leaving a note.

Few hours later boy got a call. It was to inform him that girl got hit by a car and her condition was serious. Boy rushed to hospital and went to see her. He was sitting beside her holding her hand.

Boy: I am sorry it’s all my fault But.. i promise i will make it up to u.
Girl: I am not gonna get better!!
Boy: Don’t say that.
Girl: Just tell me one thing why you asked me to leave?

To this question of her boy tell her the truth that he has heart problem and he didn’t wanted her to get worried because there was risk that he would die.

Boy continued ans said, “I did this because I Love You…!!”
I Love u Too.. Girl said and her heart stop beating. Just after 10 mins boy also died because of heart attack. As he could live with the thought that she died because of him.

If you Love someone then Don’t hold back y

our Feelings. Never hide your problems and feeling from the one who cares for you and Love you.

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7 thoughts on “Heart Touching Love Story!!

  1. waaaah!! today av truly learnt something … guys just take the risk if u truly love somewan b4 time get ahead of u and if u don’t die lyk the boy then u will live with regrets and grief in ur heart …tis an emotional story ..

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